Fair Market Value & Bona Fide Service Fee Support

Federal Compliance Solutions (FCS) offers best-in-class fair market value and bona fide service fee support services to life science companies of all sizes. Our fair market value experts provide comprehensive, end-to-end solutions to assist clients in implementing defensible, repeatable processes and tools that will help guide them through FMV challenges.

We bring the highest caliber of industry standards to produce a final product that is second to none. Our team of experts and advisers draws from a rich repository of experience with top manufacturers and knowledge of the industry to provide unique insights into market trends and current events that help our clients make better decisions for their ongoing strategy. More than simply providing valuation services, our seasoned advisors help clients see the big picture of their contracting arrangements. We regularly provide advice and market insights on what is changing, what we have seen as the “norm”, and how this relates to their unique situations. This crucial insight allows our clients to feel comfortable moving forward with their contracting process and/or strategy. Our solutions are simple, elegant, and comprehensive without compromising quality.

Expert Guidance & Regular Analysis Ensures Ongoing Compliance

One of the greatest differentiators of FCS is our people. Our team is friendly and collaborative. We work as an extension of your organization, providing feedback that will help your company thrive. We offer expert guidance through complex matters and regular analysis to ensure your business remains compliant and quality processes are in place for the future.

Our fair market value and bona fide service fee support services include:

  • Valuation Analysis of Channel Partners
  • BFSF Analysis & Documentation
  • Assessments of Existing FMV Framework & Documentation
  • Ongoing FMV/BFSF Support
  • Process Design, Implementation, & Documentation
  • FMV & BFSF Training on Methods, Processes, Tools, & Compliance Requirements
  • Identification & Inventorying of Contracts & Services Arrangements
  • Assessments & Audits of Service Arrangement Performance

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