BPDF Season Guide – 2024

Its Branded Drugs Prescription Fee (BPDF) season. Discover key dates, considerations and guidance on how your organization can handle this.

March 8, 2024    -   5 min read

IRA and New Manufacturer Discount Program

Navigate CMS guidance on Medicare Part D Manufacturer Discount Program. Learn steps for participation or check eligibility for Phase-In Discounts.

December 6, 2023    -   8 min read

MDRP Summit 2023: BP Stacking Proposal

Stay informed on our latest conference discussion on the BP Stacking Proposal, its potential implications and considerations for pharma manufacturers.

September 19, 2023    -   6 min read

CMS Proposed Rule on Stacking for BP

A deep dive into the intricacies of aggregating discounts, compliance challenges, operational considerations, and financial implications.

September 7, 2023    -   11 min read

BFSF Continues to be an Area of Focus

Stay informed on critical developments in pharmaceutical pricing, explore recent cases, and delve into hot topics, key trends, and best practices.

August 31, 2023    -   9 min read

IRA and Impacts on GTN

Discover the impacts of the Inflation Reduction Act 2022 on pharmaceutical industry focusing on key provisions affecting Prescription Drugs and GTN.

May 19, 2023    -   11 min read

BFSF/FMV Trends & Best Practices

Discover latest trends and updates in BFSF and FMV. Understand their impact on government pricing calculations, reimbursement, and compliance.

May 18, 2023    -   7 min read

OIG Recommendations from CMS for ASP

OIG reports on ASP data accuracy and CMS oversight—what manufacturers need to know. Get insights and recommendations for pricing accuracy.

January 10, 2023    -   13 min read