State Price Transparency

State Price Transparency Reporting

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, understanding the intricacies of State Drug Price Transparency Reporting (SPTR) is paramount for businesses operating within the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors. This regulatory initiative mandates comprehensive disclosure of drug pricing data, ensuring stakeholders have clear insights into various medications’ information and pricing structures. Federal Compliance Solutions (FCS) provides exceptional State Price Transparency Reporting (SPTR) services for life science companies of all sizes. Our team of strategic advisers and subject matter experts deliver advisory and managed service  expertise, including performing key assessments, assisting with remediation, providing pro-active insights and guiding companies with the end-to-end processes for ongoing compliance. 

The operational and strategic work required to establish compliance efforts is constantly evolving. Every state has a unique set of rules that require different processes, which makes state price transparency reporting overly complex and challenging. This presents a considerable risk for life science companies, as some states quickly penalize manufacturers who do not realize or understand these complexities.

Our State Price Transparency Reporting Services

FCS increases your organization’s efficiencies and operates in partnership with your team. Our deep knowledge and experience with SPTR, in addition to, government programs, contracting, Gross-to-Net, and fair market value analysis provide our clients with peace of mind and a competitive advantage.

Our State Price Transparency Reporting services include:

  • SPTR compliance, operations assessment, & roadmap
  • Program design implementation & documentation
  • Ongoing SPTR support
    • Law and regulation monitoring
    • Analysis and strategic guidance 
    • Preparation of submission reports
    • Live instruction during the submission process
    • Education
  • SPTR system vendor evaluation & selection
  • SPTR system implementation & integration 
  • Advisory support including analysis of the impact on other business considerations
  • Supplemental staffing/resource support

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