Government Programs

Government Pricing & Contracting Advisory Consulting

FCS is an industry leader in government pricing and contracting advisory consulting to the Life Sciences industry.  Our team members average over ten years of experience and are recognized subject matter experts by numerous industry stakeholders including large and small pharma companies, law firms, and government agencies such as CMS and VA. We achieve value for our clients by mitigating compliance risk, improving profitability, and optimizing operations. 

Unlike other consultancies that offer government pricing and contracting services, FCS provides strategic direction on government programs across all areas of your broader business functions such as Market Access, Finance, Sales & Marketing, and Legal/Compliance. We are proven and trusted experts in identifying gaps in methodologies or calculation approaches and can interact comfortably with legal counsel to review mitigation options and execute the necessary compliance improvement initiatives.

Comprehensive Advisory Services

Our clients engage us for numerous situations that fall outside the typical day-to-day government reporting cadence. This includes the launch of a product or acquiring or divesting a product with another manufacturer. There are clients who want to evaluate their 340b strategy in detail, to understand what revenue leakage may be occurring and what this means for their gross-to-net and profitability. Our Advisory team also supports the implementation process to transition a manufacturer to the FCS ongoing Managed Services delivery solution, ensuring an efficient and informed onboarding experience for our clients. 

Our specific Advisory Services with government programs include:

  • GP Compliance Assessment & Audit Support
  • Policy & Procedure Documentation
  • Methodology & Reasonable Assumption Documentation & Review
  • Pre-Commercial GP Participation Evaluation
  • Pricing & Scenario Modeling
  • GP Merger & Acquisition Support (Pre- & Post-Deal)
  • New Regulation Tracking & Evaluation
  • IRA Impact & Forecast Analysis
  • GP Training
  • 340B Strategy & Revenue Leakage
  • FSS Contract Administration
  • Federal Contracting Strategy
  • GP Process Optimization
  • Ongoing GP Calculations
  • GP Recalculations & Restatements
  • Branded Prescription Drug Fee Evaluation & Estimation

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