Strategic by nature.
Agile by design.

We are a life sciences advisory firm focused on helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies with strategies and solutions to optimize their government pricing, contracting, and gross-to-net revenue management.

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Life Sciences Pricing and Contracting Advisors

FCS is a life sciences consulting firm focused on helping pharmaceutical and biotech companies understand, strategize, implement, and build out infrastructure to operationalize government pricing programs and contracting.

Our accomplished team of industry veterans has extensive experience in a diverse range of Government Programs (GP), State Price Transparency Reporting (SPTR), Contracting, Gross-to-Net (GTN), and Fair Market Value (FMV) matters.

Founded in 2017 by industry experts, FCS has built a reputation for excellence. Our deep industry knowledge and rich relationships allow us to serve each client as a strategic advisor and partner.

What We Offer

Strategic Advisor and Partner

We strive to not only help our clients improve day-to-day operations but to also enhance current strategies across areas such as finance, accounting, data analytics, IT solutions, market access, commercial pricing, and contract operations.

Responsive and Agile

We’ll help you with the information, tools, and reporting needed to operate successfully and stay in compliance. It won’t be a painstaking process. Our boutique-sized firm of advisors means responsiveness and agile service.

Industry's Trusted Advisors

We are pragmatic, communicative, and solution-driven. We are the industry’s trusted advisors.

Commitment to Client Success

Our experts leverage their deep experience and wide-ranging skill sets to provide tailored solutions for any business challenge. We offer value-added life sciences pricing and contracting related services that center around our years of experience. You can trust FCS and expect high-quality, responsive consulting and advisory services that exceed your expectations.

We bring a calculated approach to every engagement, ensuring that the needs of our clients are met as efficiently and effectively as possible. We help our clients recognize potential problems sooner and assist them with the “don’t know what you don’t know” factor. We treat your business like it’s ours, and we ask and answer the questions that our clients may not even know to ask. We not only solve for the risks of today but also help our clients plan for the future and recognize potential imminent challenges.

Our Services

We Can Help You With

Government Programs

  • GP Compliance Assessment & Audit Support
  • Policy & Procedure Documentation
  • Methodology & Assumption Documentation & Review
  • Pre-Commercial GP Participation Evaluation
  • Pricing & Scenario Modeling
  • GP Merger & Acquisition Support (Pre- & Post-Deal)
  • New Regulation Tracking & Evaluation
  • IRA Impact & Forecast Analysis
  • GP Training
  • 340B Strategy & Revenue Leakage
  • FSS Contract Administration
  • Federal Contracting Strategy
  • GP Process Optimization
  • Ongoing GP Calculations
  • Recalculations & Restatements
  • Branded Prescription Drug Fee Evaluation & Estimation
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Gross-to-Net and Commercial Strategy & Operations

  • GTN Process Evaluation and Design
  • GTN Data Management
  • Contract Master Management
  • Forecasting and Long Range Planning
  • Revenue Financial Close Management
  • Monthly Accruals and Balance Sheet Reconciliation
  • Scenario Modeling, including Pre-Deal and Post-Deal Analytics
  • Modeling the Impact of Government Regulation on GTN
  • Ongoing GTN Financial Close Support
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Managed Services

  • GP Reporting
  • Medicaid Claims
  • Medicare Part D Coverage Gap
  • Tricare Retail Refunds
  • IFF Reporting
  • Commercial Rebate Processing
  • Veterans Administration Support
  • State Price Transparency Reporting
  • FMV & BFSF Support
  • Gross-to-Net Ongoing Support
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Managed Services

State Price Transparency Reporting

  • SPTR Compliance, Operations Assessment, & Roadmap
  • Program Design Implementation & Documentation
  • Ongoing SPTR Support
  • SPTR System Vendor Evaluation & Selection
  • SPTR System Implementation & Integration, Project Management & Advisory Support
  • Supplemental Staffing/Resource Support
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State Price

Fair Market Value & Bona Fide Service Fee Support

  • Fair Market Value Analysis of Services Performed by Industry Participants Including Channel Partners
  • BFSF Analysis & Documentation
  • Assessments of Existing FMV Framework & Documentation
  • Ongoing FMV/BFSF Support
  • Process Design, Implementation, & Documentation
  • FMV & BFSF Training on Methods, Processes, Tools, & Compliance Requirements
  • Identification & Inventorying of Contracts & Services Arrangements
  • Assessments & Audits of Service Arrangement Performance
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Fair Market

Meet Our Leadership Team

FCS offers a full suite of services to support the full product life cycle. Our people, processes, and technology serve as an in-house division of your team. Our boutique size and expertise in federal market access pricing, compliance, and operations provide you with thoughtful, pragmatic solutions, from launch or acquisition through product maturity.

Life Science

Deep Life Sciences Experience

Our team of government and commercial solutions experts stays at the forefront of regulatory and market access trends, enabling our clients to remain compliant and achieve a competitive edge. We have managed government programs, market access, pricing and contracting, and finance activities for over 70 pharmaceutical and biotech companies.

Advisory Expertise

Our seasoned advisory team provides industry-leading support in the areas of GP, market access, payer contracting, pricing, SPTR, BFSF, FMV, and GTN.

We understand the financial operations, market access, and compliance risks of our clients. Our team includes specialists in gross-to-net forecasting and accruals, and pre-deal analytics.

We have a full suite of fair market value and bona fide service fee services to help you evaluate, document, and ensure that fees are treated appropriately in government pricing calculations.


Comprehensive, Agile Technology Solutions

Our team of expert developers has years of experience in government and commercial programs. They have created a powerful, secure technology platform to help our clients manage a variety of complex operations. FCS government pricing systems are also SOC certified.

We provide customized reporting based on contract requirements and defined analytics. Additionally, we offer customized GP calculations, class of trade reviews, and validations. We also help with managed care and PBM contract setup and validation as well as end-to-end data management, from retrieval to payment processing.

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